In the last few years, my life had changed in so many ways. It was a totally different world for me compared to the life that I grew up with. I experienced so much pain and sufferings, cried so much, went into depression and solitude. There were moments of extreme anguish that I thought it will never end. But in the midst of adversity comes spiritual growth and awakening.

I managed to carry on with my life alone, away from the judgmental eyes of people around me. It was a total spiritual transformation, total awakening of consciousness, total acceptance that change is part of life.

After the storm comes peace and acceptance. Loving and looking after yourself first is the best lesson I learned. I realized that when you are full, love will overflow and nothing will be able to affect you any longer.

I AM enlightened, awakened, free spirited being. Let the journey of the REAL ME begins. After all, my journey here on earth is between Me and God.