I would like to tell you a little little bit about myself so that you will know something what is my authority to speak about this subject. I tried not to speak much about me because this is all about YOU. However, how are you going to believe what I am saying if you don’t know about me. My wish is to be able to reach out to those who are ready and willing to make a change in their lives. This journey is not easy, it requires self discipline and determination but with awareness and acceptance, we can change.

It am a mother of 2 young adults, ages 22 and 21. They are my pride, joy, and inspiration. They are my motivation why I continue to battle this thing called “Life”. I have led a very tumultuous life and at one point I almost gave up.


I AM free-spirited Being ♥ I AM not influenced by the thoughts of others ♥ I AM not afraid to talk about anything ♥ I AM independent minded ♥ I AM a Maverick ♥ I AM who I AM